Blue Jay fun facts

Blue Jays are one of my favorite birds.  Of course, being a birder, they are all on my favorite list, but childhood memories make them special. Here are some fun facts: Blue Jays: Are easy to identify with no variations between male and female; Have a loud harsh voice and can mimic sounds especially hawk […]


  In Awe of Nature is my way to share my passion of nature through my photography. I feel privileged to witness amazing beauty around me; my day brightens when I get the chance to stare in the eyes of a deer or a bear, to see a beautiful flower, to hear a bird’s song; […]

Nature is amazing!

Through my photography I want to share my awe of nature. Right after a rain shower near Roan Mountain, Tennessee, I saw dozens of these red efts, the juvenile stage of the eastern newt.  I had to be careful not to step on them and found a few willing to be photographed. (Notice that I […]

Backyard fun!

Having heard that our neighbors had spotted deer and a fawn in our wooded area, I sent my husband out to get some field corn (the stuff hunters use to lure the poor unsuspecting animals). I was, of course, only trying to get some cool photographs of them! So, we set a large dish of […]

Greater White-fronted Geese

    I am a lucky enough to live near the Biltmore Estate. Sure the house is beautiful, but I really like to walk the grounds. The gardens are well tended and I always find something to photograph and something I hadn’t seen before. Every visit is different. I enjoy walking around the lagoon, a […]