Blue Jay fun facts

Blue Jay portraitBlue Jays are one of my favorite birds.  Of course, being a birder, they are all on my favorite list, but childhood memories make them special.

Here are some fun facts:

Blue Jays:

  • Are easy to identify with no variations between male and female;
  • Have a loud harsh voice and can mimic sounds especially hawk calls;
  • Raise their head crest as a sign of aggression;
  • Eat insects, acorns and other nuts, and seeds;
  • Sometimes eat bird eggs and carrion;
  • Cache food for leaner months – usually in the ground;
  • Will come to platform feeders for sunflower seeds;
  • Are intelligent and adaptable;
  • Are from the same family as crows;
  • Jointly build a nest in a tree fork with twigs, roots, leaves, mud, etc.;
  • Have 1-2 broods with 2 to 7 bluish eggs with brown spots;
  • Incubate around 17 days;
  • Both feed young in nest for about 20 days;
  • Both continue to feed young 1-2 months after fledging;
  • May migrate in large flocks while others stay in the same location.

More information can be found as:

Enjoy spotting these cool birds!