Backyard fun!

Having heard that our neighbors had spotted deer and a fawn in our wooded area, I sent my husband out to get some field corn (the stuff hunters use to lure the poor unsuspecting animals). I was, of course, only trying to get some cool photographs of them! So, we set a large dish of corn on the edge of the wood that we could watch from the house.

Neither one of us paid much attention during the first few days, but we noticed that something was eating the corn. On day three – I watched – and sure enough – it was not the deer. We had thought perhaps the greedy large squirrels – but they seem to prefer the sunflower seeds and hulled peanuts we put out for the birds.

It was CROWS! That is what our effort had brought us. They seem very cautious, and watched from the trees for quite a while before descending, branch by branch to the dish of corn. Three came and then left, but returned after a while. Some brave chickadees also took a few kernels. So, I will be watching the birds and still waiting to see the deer!