In Awe of Nature is a way to share my passion of nature through my photography.

I feel privileged to witness amazing beauty around me; my day brightens when I get the chance to stare in the eyes of a deer or a bear, to see a beautiful flower, to hear a bird’s song; to be intreagued by the patterns on a leaf; and to capture this through the lens.

So much can easily be overlooked in a busy day; and yet it brings me so much joy when I do slow down to appreciate it.

I hope my passion can help others enjoy, and appreciate all the wonders around us.

Nature is amazing!

Red newt in elf stage

Through my photography I want to share my awe of nature.

Right after a rain shower near Roan Mountain, Tennessee, I saw dozens of these red efts, the juvenile stage of the eastern newt.  I had to be careful not to step on them and found a few willing to be photographed. (Notice that I got to eye level with the subject to create a connection and added a little fill flash.) After the rain passed, the efts returned to their moist hiding places.

What a wonderful experience to see so many of them.


Greater White-fronted Geese

Great White-fronted geeseI am a lucky enough to live near the Biltmore Estate. Sure the house is beautiful, but I really like to walk the grounds. The gardens are well tended and I always find something to photograph and something I hadn’t seen before. Every visit is different.

I enjoy walking around the lagoon, a large pond with many Canada Geese, various ducks, a Great Blue Heron, a Green Heron, and recently I saw a new bird  – the Greater White-Fronted goose. In the photo you can see that they are smaller than the Canada goose and how they got their name.  They were likely on their way, as the following week I did not see them.